Keeping your Business Secure in 2020

2019 has brought with it many public hacks of large organizations: the City of New Orleans recently declared a state of emergency as a result of ransomware locking up all of their files. Other small businesses hit with ransomware this year were forced to close their businesses permanently. reports that 1 in 5 businesses hit with ransomware are forced to close.

Whether you are in charge of a city or a small mom and pop business, How can you keep your operations safe against ransomware? Ransomware typically spreads from opening attachments in emails, social media messages, or visiting websites you are not familiar with.

While nothing guarantees safety in a dangerous cyber-world, two things you can implement immediately are off-site cloud backups and solid cybersecurity procedures. Managed IT Services from Next Tech Solutions includes a cyber security audit, identifying all the weaknesses in your business. We install an anti-virus and anti-ransomware; and are certified Carbonite partners to provide you with a secure, off-site backup in case of an attack that would require a restore.

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