Accountants – Are You Compliant with the IRS?

If you’re an accountant, have you read IRS Publication 4557? Do you have mandatory protocols in place like a written cyber security plan?

When a server or internet goes down and it is impossible to access Quickbooks – what’s your next move? You’re pretty sure you have backup, but when was the last time you actually checked?

You went to school to be a CPA, not to be a computer tech. Wouldn’t it be nice to just focus on your clients and running your business, and not have the stress of your current IT person that doesn’t exactly know what they are doing?

CPA’s are particularly targeted in spear phishing attacks because of the sensitive financial information that they have control over. And, new strands of ransomware threaten to release private client data if the ransom is not paid in crypto-currency.

Contact us for a free network security evaluation today, and keep your practice and your clients safe.  We can help:

  • Allow you to securely work remotely
  • Budget IT Costs
  • Remain compliant with IRS Publication 4557
  • Protect client data
  • Provide 24/7 Monitoring of System

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