What did Microsoft announce at their Surface event? Here’s everything you need to know

By Emily Brennan  

On Wednesday, Microsoft hosted its latest “Surface Event,” announcing the Surface Pro 8, Surface Duo 2 and Surface Go 3 would be released early October. Heres an overview of Microsoft’s latest technology. 

Microsoft redesigned the Surface Pro 8, creating a slimmer front cover, and a larger screen with improved touch features. The surface pro acts dually as a laptop and tablet, supporting the new Surface Slim Pen 2. Revisions were also made to the Surface Duo 2, which were long awaited. Additions include a tri-lense camera, and support for growing 5G networks. The Surface Go 3, Microsofts smallest tablet, also earned upgrades. This includes faster processors, developed by Intel. The basic model starts at $400. The company seems to be increasing sustainability practices as well. Microsoft developed a new mouse made with 20% recycled ocean plastic.  

For those who work in graphic design or art, the Microsoft product launch will improve efficiency, by enhancing creativity through innovation. All these products are available for preorder on the 3rd of October. Officially, they launch the 5th. New products will come with Microsoft’s Windows 11 update, which they announced in late August. The update comes out on October 5th as well.  

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