Windows 11: is the upgrade worth it?

By Emily Brennan 

On Tuesday, the Windows 11 upgrade came out for PC users. However, Microsoft is advising certain PC owners to not upgrade. Windows 11 is not designed for older models, and only supports newly designed hardware. To upgrade to Windows 11, the intel processor must be an 8th generation or beyond.  You can check to see if your PC will support Windows 11. Microsoft offers a “PC health check” application, designed to tell a person their PC can run the software. The app is available to download on the Microsoft website.  
Windows 10 is still supported. Security for 10 will be released until October 2025. Windows 11 has modernized themes, icons, and applications. However, the Windows 10 taskbar possesses more features than 11’s taskbar.  
If you use your PC specifically for work, Microsoft recommends not updating just yet. You even have the option to install Windows 11 and step down to Windows 10 if needed. However, make sure there is backup installed on the PC in case the Microsoft tool does not work. 
There is no need to upgrade to Windows 11 yet. For existing PC’s, the upgrade process will remain gradual. Waiting a few months gives Microsoft time to work out any bugs. 


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