Computer Setup (Business)

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Computer Setup (Business)


Did you just buy a new computer? Want to hook it up to a monitor, printer, keyboard, and mouse? Let us physically set up the system, and create the profiles so that you can simply press the power button.


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Save Time & Effort

We’ll physically unbox your devices, handle the initial setup and assembly as well as run any wires as necessary.


How You Like It

We’ll work with you to setup users, move and save files from previous devices, and put everything the way you want it on your new device(s).


Forget Bloatware

Most new computers and devices come with extra software that you’ll likely never use, we’ll work with you to remove those programs from day one.


Get The Software You Want

We’ll install any programs you want, from CDs or online, free or purchased. We’ll even move old programs from previous devices.


One Included Hardware Install

We’ll install one free extra hardware item, got a new computer but you want a better graphics card in it? Or want a new (or old) printer setup to go with the new device? We’ll take care of that at no extra charge.


Extra Peripherals, Included

We’ll install any extra items that go along with the unit, if your computer came with or you purchased alongside, a monitor, mouse or keyboard, we’ll install and configure that too.